MY Sunshine doesn't come from sun-rise. It comes from the love in my Bella's eyes. 😍😍

 Wow!! That enchanting smell lingers long after my Bella has walked this path.  Will never be able to understand, what is more beautiful, her smell or she herself. Hey, first let me introduce myself so that there is no confusion. I am a street-smart badass canine, in short i am a dog, born and raised on the road. I wish street dogs also had some exotic breed named after them, after all we need respect too.  Meet Bella, the love of my life. She is a mixed breed Labrador with a shiny white and brown coat and the world's most beautiful eyes. Just the right mix of browns and hazel. Oh!! how I love those eyes. I've been enthralled by her captivating demeanour, from the day my eyes saw her and my olfactory senses felt her. For a fleeting moment, the world had ceased to exist. It was just me and her, till she was pulled away and taken into her mansion. Her deep brown gaze, as she walked past me with a soft sigh, has never left my mind for the last seven years.    My daily routine comp

Mother # a changing phenomenon

 Happy Mother's Day , a little late realisationπŸ˜‘ As mothers always existed with the advent of civilization 😁 When it was never celebrated,  it was meant in every way πŸ₯° Now with innumerable GIFs, and messages, nothing much is left to say 😐 When we were young did we realize our Mom's affection was priceless πŸ€— When we have become parents ourselves, we have discovered that it's matchless πŸ₯° No love can be as unconditional as hers πŸ˜‡ Everything else comes with the tag "t n c apply" forever.πŸ™„ In the world of "You scratch my and I scratch your back" πŸ™Œ It's only with a Mom , who will love even if you don't love her back πŸ™ƒ Being kids ourselves , how many times have we lied πŸ˜” and have been caught πŸ˜‘ Although honesty is the best policy,  we had always been taught .😁 But saving our skin and still pulling up pranks was the agenda 😁 Who cared we went to heaven or hell,  was then our Funda πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ‘ How many times just to get our demand fulfilled we hav

Happiness lies in THE JOURNEY , not in the DESTINATION

Hey friends, this is me, Raghuveer. I have just turned 63 on the 5th of January this year. I wanted to share a wonderful experience with all of you - the most beautiful unplanned thing that ever happened to me.  It was the last month and last week of the year 2019, 28th December to be exact . I was traveling from Kolkata to Delhi with my friend Akash . We had gone to Kolkata to attend our Alumni meet at IIM. Akash was to deboard at Dhanbad, his native place and I would be going to Delhi to attend  a family wedding. My wife was already there.  So all said and done, Akash and myself boarded the Rajdhani express from Howrah Station. We were traveling in first class. At the age of 60 you feel like using all the luxuries you can afford and with the senior citizen discount, it's really a smart decision.  I have always loved and preferred traveling by trains πŸš†. It feels like a real journey. It takes its own sweet time to reach and when there is no hurry to be at a place, why not enjoy th

I wish she hadn't loved me the way she did .πŸ˜”

 This is a story set in mid-1960s India. At that time Family Planning was still πŸ‘ͺ an ignored concept. Sudha lived in a small city in Rajasthan with her parents and siblings. Their family was considered affluent till the previous generation, but due to a few wrong investments, had lost a considerable amount of wealth. Sudha was the third child. Her eldest brother was married and lived in a different city.  Her elder sister had recently got married too, so now the responsibility of the household landed on her twelve-year-old shoulders. Her parents were always busy. Sudha's mother was a social worker, visiting hospitals and slums regularly on a day to day basis taking care of the sick and the needy(at the cost of neglecting her household). She was respected and adulated by many. Sudha's father worked in a bank as a manager. Both left early in the morning and came late. Sudha was responsible for getting her two younger brothers, sister and herself ready for school,  packing their

Complexity of human psyche

 The psyche can be defined as the totality of the human mind, conscious and unconscious. The three main elements of the psyche are  # Identity - which forms your instincts  # Ego - which culminates in reality  # Super ego- Which questions us on morality and condemns our improper conduct.  HERE THE MAIN QUESTION REMAINS,  # What is the difference between mind and brain 🧠  #what exactly is responsible for our decisionsπŸ€” , and who decides whether they were right or wrong-   We have come across comparison and struggle between brain and heart ( but that is a different story altogether). On one hand, the brain is a structural part of our body and so is the heart, but what is the mind? According to me, the mind is located somewhere in the brain where the conscious and the subconscious meet. Few people we come across follow their hearts. A few others, the practical types are led by their heads. The remaining few are forever confused πŸ˜•.  They try to follow their minds, doing what is practica

Z # ZIP 🀫 🀐 IT UP

  Disclaimer:  I am participating in  Blogging from A-Z challenge 2022  and this is my post for Z  # Zip it up🀫🀐 Even a fish wouldn't get into trouble if it kept its mouth shut  So a little piece of  advice for myself and anyone who wants it , just zip it up 🀐 Whatever uttered in the heat or cold of the moment  Could turn a person from being a friend 🌝to an opponent πŸ˜’ Anything and everything said or written πŸ€” Can have unimaginable consequences πŸ˜•  What was inferred, what was implied πŸ€₯ Could be very  differently recognized πŸ™„ If at all you need to speak πŸ˜’ Some pep talk, a friend may seek πŸ™ƒ Be honest, yet tactful πŸ™‚ Be fair but keep your tone cheerful 😊 ☺  Never be blunt although you may be forthright ☺ Being rude is just not acceptable πŸ˜’ if you want friends in sight🌹🌹 If ever you are asked for your advice πŸ€” This again is a trap in disguise πŸ₯Έ 😳  Always take the midpath and say things, both for 😌and against the motion 😌 Finally ending it with "Actually the probl

YES Ma, I want to be just like you .❤πŸ₯°πŸ˜‡

  Disclaimer:  I am participating in  Blogging from A-Z challenge 2022  and this is my post for Y # Yes Mom, I want to be just like you πŸ˜‡πŸ€©πŸ˜πŸ₯° I  had always been told by my Mom, that I was born sucking my thumbπŸ‘Ά. That my thumb had to be pulled out to make me cry 😫.( Forever wanted to be in my comfort zone πŸ˜‡) I continued with my habit for many years . My mom tried everything- putting chilly- pepper 🌢 mix or neem paste on my thumb , bandaging or even cellotaping it . Nothing worked . Although I controlled the urge in school,  but at home I blissfully continued. Once when I was in my 2nd grade , my mom became upset 😑 over my irritating quirk. Just to pacify her , I said I was sorry and wouldn't do it anymore.  She made me swear on her. In jest I said yes I promise you Ma. To which she added you have sworn on me, if you break it, I shall die. I was worried 😟 😨 now . I tied my thumb to the rest of my palm, to remember . At night πŸŒ‰ πŸŒ™ ,while sleeping unconsciously my thumb wen